TriVersity Co-ops Share What They Learned This Summer

School is back in session, and our summer co-ops and interns have taken their learnings back into the classroom.

TriVersity mentored 6 students this year, providing various opportunities for learning the construction business and the professional world.

“It’s something I’d never had experience in–working in an office and with people who are focused on the same thing as you,” said Michael Williams, a senior at the University of Cincinnati who is majoring in operations management. “I learned professionalism, business systems, office behaviors, and how to work in a team in an office.”

Michael worked in administration, primarily for TriVersity Craft Force. He researched companies, conducted profit analyses and studied HR trends, sharing his knowledge to make recommendations on how the Craft Force team could be more profitable.

Intern Mitchell Frey also attends the University of Cincinnati, studying industrial management with a goal to work in an area related to supply change management or analysis.

“Being in a real workplace environment was huge, seeing that was different than an actual job–being exposed to meetings and working on your own for part of the day and seeing how co-workers collaborate,” Mitchell said.

Mitchell worked downtown at a worksite, performing administrative tasks and working with the team on cash flow related to the project. He says he enjoyed learning about how jobs can change day to day and the importance of adapting to change.

“Some of the work was tedious,” Mitchell explained, “but most students don’t get to experience a real work environment after their freshman year of college. I also really enjoyed being in the hustle and bustle of downtown.”

Michael added, “I can use the experience (from TriVersity) anywhere, because it’s important to understand how to work with a team, not just the technical skills and the soft skills and communication, but how to carry yourself. It was a very important experience to help me be successful.  I really enjoyed my summer here at TriVersity, and I’m grateful to those who took the time to teach me something, no matter how small it seemed.”


Mitchell Frey

Summer co-ops and interns 2016


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