TriVersity Celebrates 10 Year Anniversary, Honors Founder Pete Strange

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 TriVersity Celebrates 10 Year Anniversary, Honors Founder Pete Strange

TriVersity Construction recently celebrated its 10th anniversary with a dinner at Embassy Suites RiverCenter in Covington. As part of the celebration, they honored Pete Strange, chairman emeritus of Messer, Inc. for his role in launching TriVersity in 2005.

TriVersity is among the top 10 largest construction firms in greater Cincinnati. They are known for their focus on the customer experience with the most demanding construction buyers and for their commitment to hiring women and historically underrepresented minorities. They also recently opened an office in Indianapolis.

The event featured a cocktail hour followed by dinner and dancing. The highlight of the evening was a champagne toast thanking Strange for his contributions.

“Ten years ago, Pete Strange had a vision that a construction company could serve big customers, grow to scale, serve the community, and do so with an empowered group of diverse construction professionals,” explained Mel Gravely, CEO of TriVersity.

Over the past 10 years, TriVersity has built a business that serves the construction needs of some of the best companies and nonprofit organizations in the region, including Cincinnati Children’s Hospital, 3CDC, Duke Energy, Procter and Gamble and Toyota.

“Our goal is not to simply be diverse, but to leverage the power of our diversity,” said Gravely. “A more diverse staff yields more innovative solutions, better connections with customers, and this commitment is undoubtedly one of the reasons TriVersity has continued to grow.”

Women and minorities make up 56% of TriVersity’s professional staff (44% are underrepresented minorities, 26% are women). TriVersity also empowers and engages the community with strong participation in civic initiatives like the United Way and ArtsWave campaigns, and through donating time and money to over 40 organizations each year.

“We are proud to celebrate the contributions of every person who has contributed to the growth of TriVersity and we appreciate our clients and channel partners who have helped us build a construction firm capable of competing with the region’s most elite construction firms. We are known for our standards in the customer experience, quality, and safety,” stated Melanie Frey, vice president of project development.

TriVersity board member and Messer Chairman Emeritus Pete Strange (L) and TriVersity CEO Mel Gravely (R) raise their glasses in celebration of TriVersity's ten years. Travis Darden, Toshia Watkins, Jim Watkins (COO), Mel Gravely (CEO), Akilah Darden (Project Exec Indy) Scott Bischoff, Robin Bischoff, Akilah Darden, Travis Darden Carrie Burkhardt, James Cruz, Brad Fielden, Trish FieldenDerrick Willis, Carmen Willis (Messer), Holly Griffin, Carrie Burkhardt, James Cruz, Frank Beasley, Nissa BeasleyEric Eldridge, April Eldridge (Finance Mgr.), Alice McNeal, John Fay (Sr. Project Exec.), Cindy FayL-R, Nick Williams, Tony Chambliss (Director of Project Development), Lindsey Speed, Cory SpeedDavid Tyson, Cathy Sayles, Arlene Koth (VP HR & Administration), Rob KothMelanie Frey (VP, Project Development) and Paul Frey

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