Tony Chambliss serves as keynote speaker for scholarship program

Tony Chambliss, director of project development, gave the keynote address for the Cosmo Knights Scholarship Awards luncheon in Indianapolis on August 6.

The Cosmo Knights is a 501 (c) (3) organization founded in 1949 to support social service programs and social and recreational activities in the Indianapolis community. The group has raised more than $185,000 for scholarships given to 100 local youth who otherwise might not have afforded college. In addition, The Cosmo Knights’ scholarship program has supported the United Negro College Fund.

Chambliss spoke on “The Importance and Benefits of a College Education” at Bravura Supply Chain Finance, Inc. on Market Street to the Cosmo Knights membership, scholarship recipients and their families.

The scholarship program developed out of the Annual Scholarship Golf Tournament to promote community interests in offering scholarships to deserving students, while maintaining high academic standards.


Tony and group

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