Gravely Credits Chamber for Leadership Growth

By Tamara Sullivan

Melvin J. Gravely II, Ph.D. (XIX), is a principled C-level executive who was exposed to civic leadership from an early age. He views leadership as a core value of his success in both civic and business arenas. Early in his career, leadership opportunities helped him to gain exposure, demonstrate what he could do and learn about the community. Even small opportunities allowed him to test the waters and figure out how he could add value.

Today, Gravely is president and CEO of TriVersity Construction Company. TriVersity offers construction management, general contracting and design build services. The company portfolio spans the industry and is fueled by a diverse and empowered team of professionals who strive to create vibrant communities.

A valued thought leader in minority business development, Gravely joined a talented team of Cincinnati business and community leaders to help create the Cincinnati USA Regional Chamber’s Minority Business Accelerator. As chairman of Cincinnati USA Regional Chamber, he has a very clear plan for how we prepare the next generation of civic leaders.

“In our organization, our staff is expected to be engaged in the community,” Gravely said. “By using community engagement to seize more opportunities, we believe employees also grow as leaders for our company.” What would happen if every business leader thought this way? “We’d have an abundance of good leaders,” according to Gravely.

He believes that executive and civic leadership grow in tandem and symbiotically. He states, “Some of my best leadership growth has come from my various roles in civic leadership.”

In addition to this mindset, Gravely believes our community has two important things going for it: numerous ways to
make a difference and the right vehicles to prepare people to be involved.

“When I think about the relationships I have, and the things I do now, many go back to the connections I made when I was in Leadership Cincinnati,” he reflects. “I see the chamber’s leadership programming as creating much-needed connections to the broader community.”

When questioned about his point of view, Gravely simply states, “The chamber provides opportunities for my leaders to grow, which helps grow my business.”

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