TriVersity supports the arts at Memorial Hall

TriVersity was pleased to continue our support of the arts by sponsoring the Linkin Bridge performance at Memorial Hall Friday night. Guests attended a pre-concert reception at Memorial Hall and enjoyed the concert in Memorial Hall’s recently restored theater. We were honored to work on the restoration effort with 3CDC last year.

Linkin’ Bridge is an a capella singing group from Louisville, Kentucky. Best know for their warm harmonies, they cover a wide range of well-known songs like “Over the Rainbow,” “Free Bird,” “My Old Kentucky Home” along with MoTown and R&B classics.

Linkin’ Bridge was a finalist in season 11 of America’s Got Talent in 2016. Although they grew up in rough neighborhoods where gangs and guns were part of the surroundings, they overcame difficult circumstances through music. Their passion is to unite the world through music and love.

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