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Mercy Fairfield 5th Floor Fit Out, Fairfield, OH


Mercy Health has been serving the Greater Cincinnati area for more than 160 years. So when its award winning heart care facility in Fairfield needed renovation to its existing shelled space for a new patient area, we knew it was the perfect job for TriVersity.

Our compassion for healthcare and the community, and our strong reputation of quality work, made this project a unique experience. This project was the “First” in the Continental U.S. to utilize—Do It Right This Time, (DIRTT) Headwall & Footwall construction. This is a relatively new concept of using “modular construction” which allows patient rooms to be expanded or modified without the need for conventional construction materials.

The construction project provided 29 new patient beds, equipped with paneled walls, ancillary nurse stations and support spaces for the ultimate administrative and patient experience.

Owner: Mercy Health Partners
4600 McAuley Place
Cincinnati, OH 45242

Architect: GBBN Architects
332 East Eighth St.
Cincinnati, OH, 45202

Location: 3000 Mack Rd.
Fairfield, OH 45014